About us

About us

One of the leading companies in its sector, Kimalsan Alüminyum A.Ş continues its works in Tatlıcak neighborhood of Konya, with its advanced machinery park and an experienced staff consisting of 50 people in a 2000 m2 closed area. In our company’s production line, our company working on;

*Structural Silicone Siding

* Semi-Cladded Curtain Wall

* Transparent Curtain Wall Claddings

* Roof Light Systems

* Composite Panel Siding

* Heat Insulated and Uninsulated Aluminum Joinery

* Specially Designed Aluminum Eaves and Marquises

* Sunblinds

* Automatic Sliding Doors {Photocell etc.}

* Hermetic Sliding Doors {Operating Room}

* Cubical Systems

* PVC Joinery Systems

* Aluminum Joinery Systems

* Aluminum, Chrome and Glass Handrail Systems

* Folding, Sliding Glass Balcony Systems

* Shower Cabin Systems

* Aluminum, Karalom, PVC Suspended Ceiling

* Aluminum Window Shutter Systems

* Aluminum Roller Shutter Systems

* Industrial Door Systems

* Wrought Iron Door and Handrail Systems, has accomplished successful projects in its sector in a short time with its professional production staff and customer satisfaction oriented working approach.

*  Our company started to work with the globally known German Company Schüco Aluminum as a Schüco partner in 2018 and we have become more powerful in the aluminum sector.

* With services we give to approximately 600 companies in many provinces of Turkey, we feel right proud of being the most preferred company in our sector with our employees and customers.

*  We think that aluminum will be the most preferred product in the construction sector in the future as it is today. Aluminum is a material that does not rust, does not require repainting, is not affected by weather conditions, and does not decay. Most importantly, aluminum appealing to the eye is also a recyclable material.  Our company that performs its services on aluminum and its derivatives, share with you, our valued customers, that it is a rising value of Central Anatolia in its sector. The support you give us is the source of our production and service flow.

Kimalsan Brand,

is a solid signature that s put on your structures regarding aluminum applications.


Hasan Hüseyin KOCAMAN

Chairman of the Board of Directors