Automatic Sliding Doors {Photocell etc.}

Automatic {Photocell etc.}Sliding Doors

Automatic doors are doors that are opened and closed using automatic sensors that can be used in any building today. They are also referred to in the industry as automatic doors or sliding doors. The photocell is an object detection system located above the door. The photocell system works with photoresistors.

Photoresistors differ depending on the lighting conditions and are part of the photocell door. They are usually made from cadmium sulfide. The resistance may differ depending on the intensity of the incident light. The logic of operation of light-sensitive sensors is similar to that of the human eye.

What is a photocell door and what are its advantages?

These doors, which have a common use of glass, are made of stainless steel with chrome frames. They are very popular with their easy transfer function. They don’t need any physical strength to open the door. Photocell door add aesthetic beauty to the space as well as ease of use.

They adapt to all architectural projects. They also keep the room warm or cold. Thus, it benefits from heating or cooling costs.

It can operate silently and regularly even when working intensively in dense entry and exit areas.