Corporate Identity

Logo Use

Logo and Colors

Colors create a response that goes beyond culture and language. Continuity in the use of colors is a very important factor for making Turkey adopt Kimalsan brand.
The emblem consisting of letters and graphic lines that constitute the logo, disintegrates with two different colors. These primary colors should be used predominantly in our communication function. These colors increase popularity of the Kimalsan brand and make communication special.

Logo and Protection Area

A sharp and dynamic logo represents the power of the Kimalsan brand. The Kimalsan logo describes the brand’s point of view in the shortest way and is the easiest communication tool that can be remembered.The safe usage area measurement of the Kimalsan logo is designed by being calculated over the size of the letter “K”.

Use on Different Backgrounds

Backgrounds that allow sufficient contrast should be selected in order to guarantee that the Kimalsan logo attracts attention and creates an effect in every area it is used.The Kimalsan logo can only be used as a female on a white, dark colored or dark visual background.